Mixed reactions to remote learning schedule (early start)

Students welcome earlier start time


Viviana Velasco, Echo reporter

Being able to start earlier even though it was not the typical “remote learning schedule” is so much better.  Many students like it best because some have the availability to be out of school by 1PM.  A lot of students like it better because there seems to be more time to do homework since students can get out early.  Before, the remote learning schedule didn’t start until 8:30  and that is just too late.

Another reason why it is a positive to have the revised remote learning schedule start earlier is because some students like to wake up early.  Getting an early start to a day allows many to feel like they got a good start on the day.  It is nice to already have some classes out of the way; if we were still using the other schedule, we wouldn’t get as much done so quickly.

One of the best reasons to start earlier is because this allows for more time each day  after school to get help.  There is more time with the current schedule to ask teachers for help. Classes are also a little longer, so students get more time with their teachers.  It is a good thing the district changed to a NEW remote learning schedule.