We All Fall Down (Living with Addiction) | book review

We All Fall Down (Living with Addiction) | book review

Xavier Aguilar, for the Echo

In my opinion this was a pretty interesting book to read. When I  picked it up I didn’t think I was going to be interested but it kind of started to grow on me. 

A young adult around his early 20’s had been battling with addiction throughout most of his life. At first I thought his only addiction was nicotine because that’s what he talked about in the beginning. Come to find out he had been addicted to plenty of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, heroine, etc. He talked about how his life wasn’t going the way he wanted it to, but he just couldn’t stop. 

The main character also had a girlfriend who he’d had done everything with. She really thought she was the one for him for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hang on to her. They both were battling with addiction, so that was one of the reasons she had to leave. She wanted to sprout in life but he just couldn’t help being addicted. 

In the book, the narrator talked about how the world was out to get him as if there were some evil following him. That wasn’t the case, in fact he was fighting with himself. Addiction isn’t anything to take lightly, that’s why I was really intrigued on reading how he would handle situations. 

I actually really enjoyed this book because it made me see a different perspective on life itself. I saw how being addicted could change someone’s life drastically. It made me see that no matter what happens in life, people with addiction have it much worse. They have to battle with it every single day. Yes there will always be ups and downs in life but in reality, I don’t believe there’s anything worse than fighting with your own body every single day to be able to sprout in life.