Bremen cleans up tornado damage


photo submitted

The Bremen Braves press box lies in pieces smashed against the home bleachers. An F1 tornado hit Midlothian causing significant damage to the building and grounds of the school.

Allexa Quinlan, Echo reporter

On Aug. 10, 2020 a small tornado hit Bremen there was lots of damage in a short period of time. 

Ms. Schultz, IMC secretary, was at BHS in the IMC passing out iPads to the freshmen. 

The wind started picking up and the clouds got very dark,” she said. “We decided we better bring everything in before it started raining.  I was the last one in the bus doors and as I turned around I saw the flag pole bending. The storm came in fast, it was very scary. Once we were all inside the lights went out!”

Mr. Meany, Bremen’s associate principal, is in charge of building and grounds at Bremen.  He had to deal with so much damage that it would take a long time to fix.

There were many trees that got knocked down and the sports press box got knocked down on from the Braves’ bleachers.  The flagpole was damaged, there was fence damage, and roof damage.   

Luckily no students were there at the time but if there was students would have done the regular procedures like practiced at school. There is green tape where students sit in the hall where there are no windows and red tape on the floor showing areas to avoid during a tornado.

Everyone is lucky no one was hurt. Hopefully we will not see another storm here at BHS like that again in our lifetime!