Webtoon app gives users ability to be creative


Manuel Paez, Echo reporter

In 2004 a South Korean search portal ‘Naver’ Launched LINE Webtoon or now just Webtoon. The app wasn’t very popular in its first years of launch, gaining not many followers, but the people on the app honestly didn’t care still posting their work because they loved what they did. 

Finally, in 2014, the creator wanted to grow his app and decided to grow it overseas. When it first was available overseas the creator thought there would be a problem translating, but they soon realized the fans were doing it for them. 

The app allows upcoming creators or artists to share their art and ideas with the world. The app also can help a lot of creators get noticed and if some are afraid to share their work with more prestigious artists this is an amazing place to gain confidence for their art. 

The app allows the users entertainment, being able to read the comics. The owner also wanted the app more controlled by the creators, so it’s more shaped to what the community of creators and users want to see.

They’re are 16 different genres the users can read (Drama,  Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Slice of Life, Romance,Superhero, Sci-Fi, Thriller,Supernatural, Mystery,Sports, Historical, Heart-Warming, Horror and Informative) Each of these genres have a top series, some reaching 30 million. This app can be very important, from just being a communication tool to learning about whole other c- editedultures.