Remote learning has pros, cons for all students

remote learning

Wendy Dominguez, Echo reporter

Remote learning is something new and different for everyone since this whole COVID 19 started and we all had to adjust to it. Yes in the beginning it was very tough and out-of-the-ordinary.  Many students were not big fans of learning online. It just seems that it is a bit harder to understand material that is being taught.  It also seems that although students can benefit from learning virtually, it is a lot slower when it comes to the learning process.

The roughest part is forcing oneself to get up and join the  meeting. Since we’ve been doing remote learning for awhile now, students can also see the benefits.  There are some aspects to appreciate about Elearning too.    

It is nice not having to get up and physically go to school.  It seems less tiring this way; there is just less stress when staying at home to learn.  I would have to say as long as work is being  turned in, it is probable that students have an understanding of it.  In addition, this new way of learning has helped many develop their technology knowledge. 

Most importantly, remote learning has forced many to learn how to give themselves the independent push to allow themselves to do their best.  Ultimately, this way of learning holds students more accountable as they must take charge of their education on their own without others reminding them to do so.  Overall, the Elearning has been a great experience for students to see what it will be like after high school when they will be responsible for themselves out in the real world.