2020 Girls Tennis Season is one for the record books!

2020 Girls Tennis Season is one for the record books!

Emily Rodriguez, Echo reporter

Everyone knows this year of 2020 has been a lot. A lot of people were expecting this year to be one of the best.  Many seniors really were looking forward to their last year at BHS being one of the best.

In particular, senior athletes definitely had personal fitness goals but who would have known that instead we would be going through a deathly pandemic.

Many were not even sure they would get the fall season of sports due to Covid 19, however, the Tennis Team were apple to follow through with their season, Covid, or not.  Tennis was one of the few sports that was still able to have a season this year. 

Practice started up as soon as the government allowed and many Bremen Braves Tennis athletes worked to be at the top of my game.  Everyday, the athletes had to get their temperatures checked and they had to get stamped or else they couldn’t play. 

Playing wasn’t all that different but there were still things that were changed like if you weren’t physically playing you had to have your mask on.  In addition, each player or doubles partners had to have their own balls. You couldn’t touch the other players’ balls.  

For the seniors who have been part of the sport since they were a Freshman, since freshman year there was a tradition where all seniors would get a big cookie.  Many seniors this year could not wait for their big cookie as they were always looking forward to getting that cookie. 

Even though Covid was amidst, the senior Tennis athletes got their season and their big cookie!  The athletes were happy to have a season, but once the seniors finally got their cookies, they were upset.  They knew that this was finally the end.