Bremen Food Drive continues to serve despite pandemic


Aniah Cates, Echo reporter

Our school, Bremen High School, has recently completed a food drive. Students were allowed to sign up for different hours, from 9-4. This event went on for five days being led by Mrs. Chelepis, Mrs. Bogard and Mr. Stephens. 

Due to COVID, participants were spread out six feet apart and all were wearing masks. Throughout the day more and more Braves showed up all eager to help. On Saturday they completed filling one bus and did the same on Sunday as well. 

The packed buses were delivered to St.Chris school. Participants said it was an overall fun experience and loved the idea of being of some help to those in need. 

All participants agree that they would do it again as they enjoyed being able to see their peers and doing something good for the community. 

The food drive was definitely a success.  This year’s drive brought so much to the table- food for the community and but a chance to reunite with one another.