The Circle Book Club: The Program review


Reham Uda, Echo reporter

 In Bremen High School, we have a book club named Circle Book Club. The Circle Book Club meets up once every two weeks. Our discussions include: character behavior, analyzing the text, and sharing our personal thoughts. We do this to help maintain our knowledge and view new perspectives on the text.

The club recently introduced a new book called The Program. The Program takes you into a dystopian world filled with chaos and agony. The story timeline takes place in a suicide epedemic. The main characters, James and Sloane, struggled against many challenges within their relationship. Both felt the need to protect each other, mainly from the Program. 

The Program is a facility that wipes away your memories. They have handlers roaming around the school, who are allowed to take students away to the facility if they feel as if the student is depressed. 

Sloane’s parents lost their son to the epidemic and they will do anything to keep Sloane from killing herself. Since then, Sloane has had to fake every smile, laugh, and action to keep her memories. Making one mistake can lead her to the Program. It’s been hard for the both of them, since they are constantly under surveillance. They try their best to keep their promises but things gradually become tougher. Will the Program get to them or will they manage to keep their promises? Will James and Sloane both survive this epidemic together? Can they ourun fate and control their destiny?