Seniors meet with counselors to plan for life after Bremen

Benjamin Esparza, Echo reporter

On October 6, many of the Senior BHS students were able to meet with Bremen counselors to make implementations for future career plans.

The counselors aided students in many areas on this day.  They went over many different areas and met with students one-on-one to discuss many different facets that could help prepare with after-high school plans.

One item the counselors discussed with students was the FAFSA.  The meaning of FAFSA is federal student aid.  

A student’s college uses FAFSA data to determine the need for federal aid eligibility.  If your parents are making more than a certain amount, they don’t help you much but if they see that you’re struggling a little financially, FAFST should help you. 

It is technically free money from the government given to those who qualify in attempts to help with college costs. If granted the aid from FAFSA, the money does not have to be paid back; however, it is only monies that can be used for school. 

Students that apply for FAFSA can receive a minimum of $6195. Even if your parents have a high income you can still apply for FAFSA in hopes to obtain some aid for the college costs.