Be thankful this Thanksgiving


Joshua Bossow, for the Echo

Thanksgiving means so much to me. It is a time where you can spend time with your friends. It is a good day to go have some fun and play football. It is a day to eat delicious food.

Most of all, Thanksgiving is about the people you love and the good things in life.  Thanksgiving Day is special because people give extra thought to remember all the things that happen to all of us and remember why we are so lucky. 

To some people this is a day to feast, but to me it is so much more. The food is nice, but Thanksgiving is really a time to rejoice and relish in family.  It is a time to care for the family and the loved ones around you; it is a time to give thanks and hold loved ones close. 

Being thankful for everyone and all the things that you have been given in your life is important.  It is perhaps even more important to let the loved ones know just how thankful you are!  If I have learned anything this year, it is that one should always remember that anything can change in a instant so never take anything for granted.

Don’t waste any time this Thanksgiving; be grateful and give thanks!!