Flight by Sherman Alexie takes readers on intense journey

Flight by Sherman Alexie takes readers on intense journey

Maxamillion Camargo, for the Echo

The book I read was called Flight by Sherman Alexie. It was about a kid named Zits (later in the book revealed his name was Michael) and he was a runaway foster kid. He does a lot of bad stuff and has a lot of attitude and is rude but he is pretty funny honestly. 

The book starts off just with him explaining about his life, how his father left him and his mom and his mom died of cancer when he was young. He misses his mom a lot and dislikes his dad. Zits has a history of running away from his foster houses. He’s run away from like 6 of them. Each of them has different types of foster parents and stuff. He runs away from one and he is stopped by officer Dave . 

Zits and Dave have a friendly history because Zits is always in trouble with the cops.  Officer Dave takes him into a holding type of cell and he meets a Caucasian kid and Zits describes him as cute and is like a hero. 

They become friends and the kid says his name is Justice. Justice is let go and then Michael is let go. They meet each other again in another foster system. They run away and live in some type of warehouse for a couple weeks.

While this is happening Zits is also intrigued and interested by his Indian roots and has a bunch of questions and stuff about himself. Justice tells Zits about violent stuff and how they both like hurting people. They shoot people with paint guns and do bad stuff while they are alone. Justice asks Zits if he can conjure Indian spirits while doing a tribal dance. He convinces Zits to go into a bank and kill people after doing the dance. He thinks he will become immortal.

Zits goes into the bank and he starts doing it and he shoots a man in the face and as soon as the security guard shoots him in the head something weird happens- he wakes up as a new person. From there on he morphs into different people and lives their life for a brief period of time. He goes from a futuristic FBI agent, a little kid back in the old days on an Indian reservation, then a man named Gus who was an Indian fighter in Calvary Times.  He also morphs into a pilot named Jimmy who cheated on his wife and his best friend and someone he taught how to fly ends up becoming a terrorist.  Jimmy ends up killing himself. 

Then, he changes to be his own drunk sloppy father. Then Zits enters his own body and he’s back at the bank and he looks at some little kid and that changes something in his head and he walks out of the bank. He goes to officer Dave and confesses everything to him. Officer Dave brings him to his brother’s place and he is allowed to stay there and then he feels like he can trust that family and he finally has a home after all these years.

Interesting book!  Good read!!  Definitely exciting and a lot going on!  You can always count on Alexie for a good story!