Changing Covid protocols bring welcome relief


Ricole Griffin

There’s a mix of students wearing facemasks and those choosing not to in the SAT prep course at Bremen. Due to the changing requirements for Covid, all students and staff have the option of whether they would feel more comfortable wearing a mask or coming to school without one.

Alexander Lopez, Echo reporter

After being trapped for almost two years in a whirlwind of mandates, many protocols are becoming optional. With that, we should look back on this historic year and not forget the lessons that we were taught- academic and moral. We shouldn’t dismiss the teachers and staff of this school either, as they have gone through the same things and worse than us. 

Now for some depressing, horrible news. “E-Learning,” says superintendent Brad Sikora, “has officially taken the place of snow days.” There is a bright side: they will no longer have to be made up at the end of the year and during the summer. E-Learning days aren’t quite like the online learning days of yesteryear, either. From what’s been observed and said by the district, students are only required to fill out a form and do the work assigned by their teachers online. From there, students are free to contact their teachers for further help and then go on with their lives until the next school day. 

One other thing that will stick beyond the pandemic are masks. When asked if students would be able to wear them beyond this school year, Dr. Sikora’s answer was a resounding “absolutely.” In coming years, the social acceptance of masks can help stop the spread of further diseases. Or simply, they could become a part of how we express ourselves. 

On February 18, masks were made optional in schools all over Illinois. Though many were glad to be rid of them, others still wore them throughout school. In this school, at least. Other schools, particularly those that are more rural, have completely gone mask-free. 

This school year is hopefully the last few years that we have to slog through COVID-19. From the horror that was the first few weeks, to the cancellation of various once-in-a-lifetime events, we’re finally close to touching the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t jinx it, though, knock on wood.