Bremen club promotes the Inner Beauty within each person


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Members of Inner Beauty read children’s books to students at Central Park.

Allexa Quinlan, Echo reporter

Ms. Pryor is the head of Inner Beauty, she took it over in 2017 to reinvent it to be more welcoming and accepting of everyone. She tries to convey the message of individuality, self love and confidence. She wants the girls who join to discover the beauty inside and notice that they can become great leaders. Being comfortable with who you are and embracing being unique is a huge part of what you learn in this club. 

Inner Beauty members also volunteer in the community for a variety of activities. On Thursday, March 10, members will read One Fish, Two Fish to kindergartners at Central Park School to encourage them to read more. While at Central Park, they also will meet 2nd graders to encourage them to be kind and not bully. They teach them to make good choices and how to venture out of their comfort zones and make new friends. 

They also have an event called “This is your future day” where they will invite 8th graders from Keller, another local children’s school, to come to Bremen to shadow BHS students to-and-from their classes; here they will get to learn about what it is like to live life as a highschooler. This program is for helping the young ladies to make friends to alleviate some of the stress and fear that come with starting a new school.  It is a way to share some wisdom that will help them transition into a brand new environment. 

This club will help with mental help and self love; it is a perfect opportunity to allow for happiness and acceptance!   

If anyone is interested in joining the Inner Beauty Club, contact Nurse Pryor at: [email protected]