FCCLA sponsors “Skating for Cam”


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FCCLA members from across District 228 come together for a skating night in honor of Bremen senior Cameron Wheatley, who passed away in February. This event raised $2100, which was donated to the Wheatley family.

Octavio Gamboa, for the Echo

There was a skating party hosted by FCCLA that occurred for Bremen students on March 31, 2022. It was at the Tinley Park Roller Rink. The day was so much fun but also exhausting.  It seemed like at the start nobody really wanted to skate, but that sure changed after just a little time!

Many students truly had to learn how to skate all over again.  So many appeared to be struggling at first; some could be seen falling right on their butt while others literally flat out on the ground. 

After some time, people sure did get the hang of it.  There were kids going faster and faster and some were even doing tricks.  The smiles on the peoples faces showed that even through the pain, they ended up having a very positive experience.  

Students, in particular, had a positive experience because they knew it was a Skate for Cam. Students went on the trip to remember a student who passed away this year.  Cameron Wheatley was a fellow student to many of the other students at the roller rink and all of the students went to support one another and remember Wheatley and allow the memory of his smile and character to live on.  

In addition, the money raised from the skating party was donated to Cameron Wheatley’s family.  

“Originally the money was supposed to be donated to another charity, but after Cam passed away all of the FCCLA’s in the district decided to donate the money to the Wheatley family,” explained FCCLA student Mia Mareci.  

“It was awesome!  $2,100 was raised; we were able to give it all to Cam’s family,” explained Mrs. Mack, FCCLA teacher at Bremen High School and Skating Party coordinator.  

At the end of the event, students got to take home the extra snacks.  Students could be seen at the end of the event getting in last minute photos.  Bremen students took a couple group photos with even those students from other schools (all FCCLA groups even from other schools that contributed).  It was a lovely event; mostly it was the best event because it was for Cameron. It was fun and for a good cause.