Student Council volunteers to Feed Starving Children


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Members of Bremen’s Student Council volunteer at Feed My Starving Children on Feb. 28. This organization works to ensure those in need receive the proper nutrition in each pre-packaged meal.

Allexa Quinlan, Echo reporter

On February 28, Bremen Student Council went to volunteer at Feed My Starving Children in Aurora, IL. 

Student council has been volunteering at FMSC annually for 3 years now. “They(Bremen’s Student Council plan on volunteering for many years to come,” explained Chelepis, 2022 Bremen High School Student Council Advisor. This year 17 students showed up to participate.  In the past, they have taken as many as 45 students. 

This event is to help families in foreign countries who are needing the nutrients that we get daily in our food. At this event students participated in packing rice, soy, vegetables and protein powder.  

Feed my Starving Children gives children who are in need all the nutrients they need the safest way possible. Student council participants in this event because they love to give their time to help the greater good.  

One does not have to be part of Bremen’s Student Council to prepare the food at Feed My Starving Children, anyone could also serve without going through school.  Anyone who is interested can go to 

This event gives an amazing feeling of accomplishment and you are really making a difference in others lives. “On this day the student council packed 66 boxes, made 14,426 meals, and fed 39 kids for a year!” explained Feed My Starving Children official.  

It is amazing to think that all of that work was done in only a couple of hours. Imagine the impact one would make if he or she spent the whole day there or attended regularly!