Showing pride with “anything but a backpack”


Adrian Torres

A student uses an old tire to carry belongings to class on “Anything But A Backpack” Day. Bremen’s student body came up with a lot of creative ideas to promote school spirit!

Melanie Chavez, for the Echo

BHS tried something new for a spirit day this time…Anything But a Bookbag!  It was a big hit.  The students really seem to have a lot of school spirit with this one as a large number of the students participated and it was hysterical for all.

The date took place on Wednesday, November 16 and was a schoolwide event.  Students were encouraged to use something besides a typical book bag that would normally be brought to school when carrying their books and ipad.  Students brought all sorts of items to carry their items that day!  

“I brought a cooler to carry my stuff in; it was such a fun School Spirit Day!” exclaimed Senior student Asia Allen.  One student brought a mop bucket and another kid brought a little tiny shopping cart.  Students seemed to be excited for this spirit day as there were smiles everywhere.  One student was even carrying their items in a laundry basket.  At one point a student walked down the hallways with their items stuffed in a cat tree!

One of the most popular items was a wheelbarrow.  Some students even got to get in and ride in wheelbarrows if they were lucky!   Another popular item bought carry items was a large stock pot.  Finally, the student that brought the suitcase and the wagon had rave reviews.  It was a fun day for all!