Scavenger hunt creates fun, promotes school spirit


Melanie Chavez

Students got creative for the 2022 Goosechase at Bremen. Anything But A Bookbag day brought out many unusual items for students to use when lugging their books around.

Allexa Quinlan, Echo reporter

During the week of  March 14th, there was something fun happening at Bremen High School.

Students participated in one of the newest and most exciting events called The Goosechase!

This event is a scavenger hunt that started last year and the student council continues to sponsor this event. This scavenger hunt consists of multiple different missions that the staff at Bremen came up with to win points.  The key to the event is knowing that whoever (out of each class) placed 1st and 2nd got a chance to win $50 and $25 gift cards of their choice. 

During the week, Bremen’s Student Council also came up with spirit days to get kids to participate. So many students seemed to participate this year as many of the spirit days were not the norm and students seemed eager to be part of it.  “I joined because it seemed like fun and the gift card was an added bonus,” explained student participant Aldo Pozos. 

Monday students were told to start the week off by showing school pride by wearing the school colors- red and gray.  Tuesday, the students spiced it up a bit as it was called Tropical Tuesday and students donned “tropical” vacation-styled clothing.  

Wednesday was probably the day where most students participated.  “Anything but a backpack day” had students carry their school books in tires, microwaves and wagons!  This school spirit day was a real hoot!

On Thursday students could write a lie on a white t-shirt for all to see; it was known as Little White Lie Day.  Friday was called Dynamic Duo day where students dressed up as any duo. 

Many noticed that Anything But A Backpack Day and White Lie Day were two of the most popular days. “ White lie day was my favorite!” Pozos said.

There were many winners; some of the students who won this year were as follows:  Vanessa Ferreira, Sofia Lopez Martinez, Zelena Campbell, Cameron Linares, Jade Ramirez, Ricole Griffen, Justin Olivera, and Alexis Morris. 

“They did a wonderful job at participating in the mission and spirit,” said Mrs. Chelepis, student council sponsor and BHS teacher. 

“On behalf of the student council, I would like to thank all the students that participated in both events and hope for more in the future!” exclaimed Chelepis.