Nursing proves to be promising career for grads


Jimena Gallardo, for the Echo

Nursing shortage is a thing ? Nurses are leaving and not turning back. Have to start running to help ! Nurses not only make sure you stay healthy but imagine if we didn’t have nurses. Who would know when something is wrong with you. Nurses know us like the back of our hand. Helping others with their medical health, past experiences with losing family, and I always enjoyed learning about new medicine; I would love to become a nurse. Nurses are so important, the reason being is because they have such a good impact on us to make sure we stay healthy and continue to live a good healthy life. 

Helping others with their health has had a big impact on my life. Since I was the age of twelve I always made sure that my parents took their medicine. When I was growing up my mom and my dad had bad health issues and throughout the years it was an unusual feeling for them since they never had to take medicine and since they both worked it was very hard for them to keep track of what to take and what time to take it at. That’s when I jumped in and made sure that they had a token in every single medicine they needed that day. Although I made sure they took their medicine every day, I started going into a routine to make sure everyone in my household ate a good amount of food and made sure it was good for their body. I also made sure that they were drinking plenty of water. I also made sure that even though it was hard for them I always made sure to have them working out or getting at least a good amount of steps in for their body. Based on my knowledge of health, it gives me more benefits of being a nurse. 

Past experience with losing family has been hard for me over the years not only because each person that I’ve lost has always been close with me in a way, but it’s just hard to see them go at a young age. During the month of September my grandmother sadly passed away due to a heart attack and during those weeks and the month of December i couldn’t stop thinking of the fact of how these doctors could’ve done something different for my grandma to live a little longer

just to be able to enjoy life. After my grandmother passed away I took over control of watching everyone and making sure that everything about them was good and healthy, making sure they didn’t have to leave at a young age. Losing family members isn’t just. A sad part but it’s a very hard thing to accept especially when its family and they have been there your whole life. During the year of 2018 unfortunately did lose another family member due to cancer. Cancer isn’t something easy to fight or to get rid of but it was something that had everyone together making sure that there is no end any time soon. Cancer is something that everyone should always make sure to get checked for since cancer can be spread along the body and another thing is that cancer can be located in any spot of the body. Nursing is an ethical job that is needed throughout the world. 

I’ve always enjoyed learning about new medication. Growing up my family will be prescribed new medications due to their health. As a little girl I was so interested in their medication, it gave me the courage to look at the name of their medication and search up the name learning how strong it is and what kind of effect it has on them. The medication was always so interesting to me because the small ones are usually the stronger ones and the bigger ones are usually the weaker ones depending on the amount of the dose. Medication works wonders on many things and it’s crazy how much of an effect it can give. Growing up I was always in and out of the hospital meaning I would have to be on medication causing it to affect my health a lot, after getting on the medication I would always cut the medication open and see what was being consumed into my body even though I already knew the idea of the medication. Based on my knowledge, mediation can have a big impact on so many people that’s why nurses should be more well known and is very much needed. 

Although in this world there are a lot of tragedies, not only should there be more experienced nurses in this world to provide more opportunities and help this world deserves more mindsets like mine.