Doctors heed their calling


Ruby Onate, for the Echo

Imagine being in a hospital, saving a life, and finding ways to cure a disease. You’re running a code, looking into the brain, or healing a newborn baby in your everyday life. Being a doctor is challenging because of how much work you do to get into a program and find the right specialty. Although things may not always turn out how you want, you’ll learn from your mistakes. Being a doctor in a specific specialty makes you unique. The most popular occupation is being a medical doctor or even a nurse. Many people who choose to be in the medical field always have a reason why. I want to be a doctor for many reasons; my personal experiences when I was younger, I like to watch shows about this field, and I have learned from my grandfather. There are many reasons why people choose to go into the medical field. I honestly feel like it’s calling my attention and telling me to become a doctor; I’m just not sure what type of physician I want to be at the moment. 

Ever since I was little, I  knew I wanted to be a doctor/physician. Whenever we went to the hospital, I would observe the doctors working and see what they did. When we were in the room, there would be drawers filled with medical equipment, and I would guess what each thing was. The hospital I would go to was the University of Illinois Hospital, but it was mainly just for checkups. But, in some other places, a clinic or maybe urgent care, I would still be able to pay attention to the nurses or the doctors. When we went to that hospital, I saw a board of the departments in that hospital and where it was. The two departments I remember going to were Radiology and Pediatrics. I found radiology so interesting because you can see what’s wrong with the body inside through images and look at any broken bones on an x-ray. Noticing and doing certain things as a child may help with your future. As a child, you dream of what you want to be when you are older; mine was to be a doctor.

The reason people might choose a particular career is that they watch shows about that career. Grey’s Anatomy is a medical show that I have watched, and watching that made me want to commit to going into the medical field. Watching the neurosurgeons, scrub nurses, pediatricians, and so forth helped me know what they go through and how they know what the body needs to heal. Seeing the stuff the doctors have to do to get into a good residency program and find the best department for them is something I paid attention to because I know I have to follow the same steps they showed in the show. The attending doctors teach the interns/residents everyday stuff, and you do all the things you learned in med school on actual people instead of cadavers. You get to do central lines, put in chest tubes, do an appendectomy, etc. Once you move further with your residency, you start deciding the different specialties you want to do. You can work with the brain or the heart or be a trauma surgeon; it is so much you can do, and Grey’s Anatomy shows all the different specialties. You’ll see how a neurosurgeon removes a tumor from the brain or how a heart surgeon performs heart valve repair. Although I’m not sure if I want to be a surgeon, the show still gives me an idea of what goes on in a hospital and what you have to do. Shows do help with your future career. 

Processing everything that happened to my grandpa helped me rely on being a doctor. I remember him coming home from running errands during quarantine and telling us he didn’t feel good. My family and I were all trying to figure out what was wrong with him and find ways to help. Since he was locked in his room, I stepped forward to take care of him since my grandma was in the hospital. Once I found out what was wrong with his body, I helped him. I would often go to his room to take his temperature to see if he was getting better or worse, and I would make sure he drank water to stay hydrated and eat. When my grandma was out of the hospital, she would make him some tea so his body could slowly feel better; I asked what was in it and how it would help. But we knew he needed oxygen because he wasn’t getting enough, but it was too late, and we went to the hospital when he got worse. He was hesitant about going because he was scared of the hospital. So doing basic stuff to help someone when they are sick makes you feel something; it makes you feel like you did something to try and help. 

I feel like being a doctor and going into the medical field is the right career for me; one being: I have my personal experiences at a hospital for checkups or medical reasons. I like to watch Grey’s Anatomy, which is about this field; watching the surgeries they did and how they helped the body help give me an idea of what goes on in a hospital. After learning everything that was wrong with my grandpa and helping him, I knew I wanted to help people heal and find out what was wrong with their bodies. I want to be a doctor for many reasons; my personal experiences when I was younger, I like to watch shows about this field, and I have learned from my grandpa. As a doctor, it is my goal to make sure my patients are comfortable and try to connect with them better. I will make sure they get the best healthcare possible. Even though it’ll take a while till all that happens, it will be worth it.