My Friend Dahmer | book review

My Friend Dahmer | book review

Jermani Davis, for the Echo

My Friend Dahmer is a combination of 2nd and 3rd person point of views.  It follows Jeffery Dahmer on his high school journey down to his path as a serial killer. 

This book shares details like Dahmer’s parents being very toxic and always fighting- eventually breaking up. The things that carried on in his home life played a big effect on his social, emotional and mental health. Also, his odd obsession with wanting to see the inside of dead things such as animals and even people. 

His dad was a chemist, which gave him access to items needed to conduct such experiments starting off with simple roadkill. He was often a social outcast and his only highlighted social moments were when he’d mimic his mother’s elliptical-like episodes at school for the entertainment of fellow classmates. 

As the high school years ended, Dahmer found himself living alone in his house due to his mother and father splitting up. This gave him the wrong type of company and more time with his own intrusive thoughts.

As the years went by, some of his classmates that knew him and made him act out his frantic episodes in school, were talking about him and even joked of him being a serial killer… little did they know.

Dahmer went on to become one of; if not, the most renowned serial killers in history since the Zodiac Killer. I personally am intrigued by Dahmer’s actions, thoughts, and actions. His deepest thoughts and reasons for his actions are interesting to me, I personally would like to have a one-on-one interview with him to hear his descriptions of his actions, his thoughts, and his beliefs of where he went down the wrong path.

This book is definitely an easy read that will keep your attention on each and every page.  I would give it 5 stars and definitely recommend it.