BBQ heats up student interest in activities


Allexa Quinlan, Echo reporter

On September 15, 2022 the Bremen Braves threw the very first BBQ to promote activities.  The school principal, Dr. Rucinski knew that this would be an excellent way to get kids involved.  “The main goal of this was to get kids involved and get back to normal after Covid kept many of us home” said Rucinski.

With the help of every staff member this event was a success. Majority of the clubs at Bremen participated and a huge group of kids came to get information on the clubs. “It was great to see all the students come out to get good food and show school spirit” said Mr. Meany, Bremen’s associate principal.

Meany was on the grill working hard to keep up with the crowds of students that were lining up to get food. Mr. Blackwell, Bremen’s activities director, was also on the Grill; he worked hard to make sure kids were able to get that hot-off-the-grill meal!  

So many agreed that this was a wonderful way to get kids involved who maybe never thought of joining a club.  “I hope that every kid at Bremen finds a home and a safe place to express themselves,” exclaimed Blackwell.  

The barbecue was a hit and many students showed up to show school spirit. There were hamburgers and hotdogs provided and the clubs that joined had snacks and information for anyone that wanted to join. 

“The activities BBQ was a fun and enjoyable experience; I feel like it was a good comeback for our Braves after long years of Covid”, said sophomore Aldo Pozos. This event was all for the students of Bremen to enjoy a nice day and get to know everything the school has to offer. 

It was so nice to have such camaraderie between the staff and administration when it came to making this new event be such a positive one. This event was clearly a success overall and should be continued for years to come.