Mathletes allows students to multiply their success


Bremen’s freshman Mathletes team proudly displays their awards after competing in Conference at TF North. The freshman team placed 3rd at the meet, which was held Dec. 7.

Nataly Hernandez, Echo reporter

Mathletes is a great way to make connections, expand your knowledge, and start your Freshman year strong!

Mathletes is a club anyone can join and flexibly attend. The Freshmen team is always looking for more recruits! There are practices and meets after school, all taking place in different schools. Mathletes allows more opportunities and extra benefits for freshmen. All it takes to join is letting a coach know about your interest in the club.

The club is run by multiple teachers.  The freshman team’s coach Mr. Flood, a current counselor for students and former math teacher.  Another coach is Mr. Crichton, a current math teacher here at Bremen. 

In Mathletes, students attend practices to work on math problems that prepare them for meets. “Mathletes is looking for any student that is interested in being part of our team.  You do not have to be great at math – we will coach you!” assures Mr. Flood, “so don’t panic if you aren’t confident in your skills.” 

It is perfectly fine to join while you’re in a sport too.  Freshmen practices are hosted in room 212 every Tuesday spanning from 3:00-4:00 p.m.  During practices, students do identical problems to those in the meets. If you can’t go to practices, the math problems are posted on the Freshmen Mathletes google classroom. 

Before heading to competitions, students are provided pizza, candy, and drinks in Mr. Cichon’s room or the Commons. When traveling to meets, students are provided with bus transportation to and from schools like Hillcrest and Oak Lawn after school. Students compete against other students in the same grade from different schools. 

Results are discussed, and then you are driven back to Bremen! Getting great scores can have your name declared on the morning announcements!

“I like the group work a lot because it’s nice talking to other people and seeing after the two quizzes and seeing what they got” expresses Milena Avalos, a current Freshman BHS Mathlete. 

Mathletes propose many opportunities to freshmen. Meeting old friends who may have gone to other schools, new friends, doing better in class, possibly scoring higher in the SAT, and a sense of victory if your school wins the meet! 

Mathletes is a club that looks particularly attractive to another club like the NHS and it earns you credit in the College and Career Readiness standards, which means Mathletes is one activity that indicates you for career readiness! 

If you are interested in Mathletes, ask either coach about enrolling. The more people on a team, the higher the score and chance of winning is!