Say ‘Oui’ to French for the 2023-2024 school year

AJ Olvera, Echo reporter

Bonjour one and all! As the new semester begins, we all wonder what we might be interested in doing the following year.  Many people are busy with making resolutions and trying to set themselves up for a great 2023.  As far as school is concerned there is a whole new year ahead of each student.

Students can start fresh in 2023 and some can even look forward to next year. One of the biggest questions out there for students who are about to choose classes for next year is if they should take a foreign language next year. 

Wouldn’t you want to speak a rather sophisticated and ancient language? The language of love and knowledge, as well as drama and passion. French is your key to unlocking much respect and knowledge when it comes to things such as luxury brands, fashion, literature, and even history. 

If you ever dream of traveling to European countries or even some African countries, French will help you communicate with others! Additionally, for students who already speak Spanish, why not study French and gain a new language that will open more doors and opportunities for jobs and travel?

If all this doesn’t sell you already, just hear what they have in store for summer of 2024. All French classes will be traveling to a…French-speaking country!! That’s right folks, the country where the motto, “liberty, equality, fraternity,” came from, France. The land of maple syrup, Canada. 

Students will even be able to peruse the chocolate factories of Switzerland. The trip we shall be going on in 2024 is still being voted on by the current French students, but wouldn’t you rather be in a class full of fun and excitement AND be a part of an amazing trip to a different country? You must be signed up for French either way if you wish to come on the trips.

Don’t hesitate now, join the French classes today!