Prom 2023 quickly approaching!


Allexa Quinlan, Echo reporter

Get excited!!! Prom 2023 is coming!!!  Save the date for May 12th at the Odyssey Country Club.  This year’s prom will start at 6PM and end at 10PM.  

Tickets will be available online starting May 1st at 9:00 am, also in person on May 2nd.  In-person sales will begin on May 4th in the main foyer of Bremen High School.  In the foyer, students can buy tickets from 3- 3:30PM and in the IMC from 7AM-3PM.  The last day to buy tickets will be May 5th.  Tickets are $75.

Students must make sure that the grades and behavior are at their finest.  Students must be passing a certain amount of classes to attend Prom.  In addition, students who are LOP or have any bad reports from the dean’s office will not be able to go by April 29th. Get your work in and be on time to class; make good choices!. 

There will be drinks available and amazing food prepared by the country club’s chef.  Dessert will even be provided!  

There will be many opportunities to take photos inside the building and also with the gorgeous scenery outside the building. A DJ will be present and is going to be the same company as last year- Spinning Discs.   Song request forms will be sent out in April to all seniors. 

If you are planning on bringing a guest that is not enrolled in Bremen, make sure to fill out a guest approval form and turn it into PPS by April 28th at 3pm.  They will be available starting April 17th. 

There is a long-awaited suspense amongst the upper class students at BHS-  they all want to know what the theme will be this year.  All students will have to wait till the senior meeting on April 18th at 9am to find out!  

Are you or a friend planning to run for court? Well if so, court nominations will become available April 18th through email and will end April 21st at 3pm. Nominees must be confirmed with Mrs. Flood.  It is important to know that any person you nominate will find out. 

Voting for court will start May 3rd and will continue till May 5th at 3pm.  Court will be announced on  May 8th. There is no queen and king but instead Prom Royalty.  The term Prom Royalty means that you can run as an individual or a partner. 

When Royalty gets voted for at prom, the senior class will vote for 2 people total whether a couple or two individuals. You can not switch to a couple or an individual after it’s confirmed so it is important to note- if you get in a relationship or break up you will be stuck in what was decided.

Prom 2023 will be an event you will never forget!