District artists showcase talents at Fine Arts Festival


For the District 228 Fine Arts Festival, students created stylized, creative pieces of all mediums, including works with depth. Art piece by Andres Anguiano, photo taken by Jacob Ciemny.

Nataly Hernandez, Echo reporter

Students and staff were invited to participate in and experience the Fine Arts Festival of 2023 on Saturday, March 18th, 2022. The Fine Arts Festival presented artwork from all four school districts and was held in the Hillcrest High School Main Gym. 

It was a wonderful experience for all who came out.  There was even music at the show!  The district’s respective bands played during the 9 am to 2 pm time frame at Hillcrest. 

Great performances were demonstrated by Hillcrest bands and choirs, Tinley Park’s jazz band, Prairie hill’s choir, and a dazzling finale performed by Bremen’s Symphonic band. 

The Bremen band played music that they prepared two months to three weeks before the festival. “I choose music that is challenging for the players, but attainable, and also that an audience will find interesting and entertaining. I listen to a lot of music and study scores to decide what songs to perform,” explains Mr. Salgado, the band director from Bremen.

The physical artworks presented were displayed on panels and tables for the sculptures. There was no theme “because the artwork spans so many different schools and classes as well as a very broad spectrum of skill and talent there is no cohesive unifying theme,” explained Mr. Gonzalez, one of Bremen’s art teachers.  

Participants had the freedom to present any artwork or subject they liked. Bremen students submitted multiple artworks to show off their talents and interests. In fact, there were an estimated 500 art pieces on display from all schools. 

The backbone of the Fine Arts Festival is a collective effort from every music/performance teacher and visual arts teacher in the participating schools. With help from custodians and teachers, setting up the festival took 3-4 hours to form an orderly and presentable fair. 

The collective effort by staff and students alike really allowed for a wonderful festival.  Truly, the 2023 Fine Arts Festival was a great success and enjoyable event to go to!