Urban Legendz proves to be interesting, exciting graphic novel


Brian Barrera, for the Echo

I read a book called Urban Legendz.  This was written by a group of authors named Paul Downs, Nick Bruno and Michael Yates. This was both exciting and interesting!  I would definitely recommend this read although it wasn’t a 5 start review.  

This book is about a group of young citizens roam the streets of Brooklyn solving supernatural-like crimes. But this all starts with the main character, Dywane. After the death of Dywane’s mother, he and his family move to a new place in Brooklyn. There, he encounters different people, adventures, and problems to be resolved. 

Like said before, Dywane and a few other young citizens of the city of Brooklyn group up to help fight and protect the city from aggressive supernatural creatures terrorizing their city. As the young group of citizens try to fight the supernatural creatures they encounter many problems – problems in which people do not believe them to have seen or fought creatures. 

Once all people are on board, the creatures are not ready for the fight. This graphic novel mainly focuses on the themes of teamwork, friendship, and community. This all ties in with the theme because of how the whole community and people of the city of Brooklyn come together to fight off the ruthless creatures.