FCCLA teaches about work, life


Princess Kemp, for the Echo

I started FCCLA at the beginning of the school year and was recommended by Mrs.Mack. Mrs.Mack runs FCCLA and cooperates with all of our plans and classes. In order to join the class you have to be recommended by a teacher and you have to have a job and be working weekly for 10 hours or more in order to be eligible. 

This club  isn’t all about working though; you have to also do separate work in class also.  There are taking quizzes and tests and you also have to fill out a log sheet every Monday to keep track of your hours and days. In addition, the students that are part of FCCLA have grade sheets that the employers have to fill out.  The sheets, once filled out, truly help to show how each BHS student act at work.  The sheets tell about a student’s character- it tells if he or she is actually working. 

In addition to holding down a job while have good character, we also do fundraising.  We have raised money for  people in need and for field trips. Some of the fundraisers were selling ice cream and selling candles. We have field trips anyone in FCCLA can come but you have to be passing all of your classes. We do a lot of things to make sure you know how the work field is structured and coordinated. 

All of the students in FCCLA could probably agree that Mrs. Mack is a wonderful teacher; she is very nice and understanding of everything. She makes sure everybody feels included and not any feeling of being uncomfortable. The students in the class are also kind and friendly; even though many students have different personalities, every always seems to get along without any drama.

Personally, I would recommend this class to the juniors that are becoming seniors this year. This class is a good opportunity to learn about the work society but also have fun with your classmates and teacher.