Opinion: Students struggle with schedule change


Aleshla Ramirez, Echo reporter

I think it’s upsetting that we are going back to the old schedule.  I know they had students and staff vote, but I know many people would like to stay on the original remote schedule where class starts every day at the same time.

 Many students who voted for the blended schedule that requires an earlier start for selfish reasons.  The blended schedule where the first period begins at 7:10 was only chosen for because these students get out of school at 12. They only voted for it so they could get out earlier while the rest of us have to stay in class. 

Many teens are proven to NOT be morning people.  Studies show that the teen brain does not typically “wake up” later than an adult brain.  A vast amount of teenagers find it hard to wake up with the earlier schedule and find themselves uninvolved that early and just staring at a screen. 

In addition, the district should have let us stay on the remote schedule with a M-F 8:30 start because with the new schedule students have less time to do anything between classes.  It is already hard enough to be learning at home as many students are dealing with multiple distractions.  It seems that 10 minutes in between classes with the remote schedule made everyone happier.

Teachers had more time to meet with students on a regular basis with a little more time built in between classes.  With only 5 minutes in between classes, it seems that students and teachers are always rushing.  Some highschoolers have to help with little brothers and sisters, take care of the family dog and take on other family business.  With only 5 minutes in between classes, there is not enough time to balance everything.  

In addition, most BHS students find it hard to be up and ready to learn at 7:10.  Many of the kids are failing when it comes to just staying awake and attentive with the longer class time too.  With the earlier start, there are more tardies than ever before.  

Finally, the idea to go back to the “blended” schedule was a bad choice.  It seems to be throwing everyone off just because the district has switched back and forth too many times.  All of this switching back and forth has parents, students and even teachers confused; they seem more frazzled and tired because they have had to have so many time changes.  

Life with a pandemic is already a struggle- so why keep switching things up?