Self Care Bingo eases winter blues

Self Care Bingo eases winter blues

Allexa Quinlan, Echo reporter

Ms. Cravens, school social psychologist, started a self care bingo on November 30th and ends on December 20th.  The way you play is first to join the classroom then get a bingo card. You need to fill out enough to get 5 across, or 5 down, or  5 diagonal, or you can fill out the whole card. 

You get 1 entry for every line you complete. You can get extra entries by submitting photos, for every photo is 1 extra entry. Submitting a full card will earn you 5 additional entries. There are max entries at 42 (12 lines, 5 bonus entries, and 25 pictures). Then the entries will get put in a raffle and will be pulled on December 21st and you can win 10 dollars and only win once. 

Ms. Cravens had a reason for sponsoring this event.  “We decided to get it going because it’s a hard time for everyone. Teachers are stressed, students are stressed, families are stressed. We cannot control what’s happening in the world, but we can control some things in our lives like self-care which reduces anxiety, depression, and increased positive moods,” explained Cravens.

There’s much meaning behind this and helps everyone let go of stress and take care of themselves.  The Self-Care Bingo was a big hit!