Bremen’s welding class provides skills needed for future career


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Student David Aguilar arc welds during a general class assignment in the Welding class offered at Bremen High School.

Dean Hutchins, for the Echo

I’ve been in a welding class here at BHS during senior year of High School. What a great opportunity this gave me!

At Bremen, we have a semi truck trailer that has a bunch of welding booths in it that we weld in. It’s right on the campus of Bremen High School. 

The welding classes are taught by my teacher, Mr. Young. He is a calm instructor who encourages us to learn more about welding. 

There are mainly three different types of welding including mig, tig and stick welding. We spent time through the school year learning about the three different types of welding. 

We did have problems with the trailer throughout the year. At times some of the machines were not working, and one point we had a gas leak in the trailer. Fortunately, these issues were addressed pretty quickly. 

One of the cool projects we had was to weld pieces of metal together to make a box. Later in this semester, we went on a trip to Oak Forest High School to weld in front of different companies to see if we were eligible to work for them. We had to weld two pieces of metal together to form a “T” to demonstrate our welding skills. 

This summer, I will have to take a test to get into the Pipefitters training program. Once I pass the test and get to my 18th birthday, I’ll be able to start the paid training program. This will be the start of an amazing career that all started here at BHS!